Why Faith is Becoming More Popular

Why Faith is Becoming More Popular


Many people today are still dwelling on the mentality that religion belongs to the past. Because of this, it is essential to check what the latest facts are. 84% of people in the world identify with a particular religion. It has also been revealed that members who identify with a specific religion tend to have more children and more prominent families than those with no religion. Studies have confirmed this.

Because of these studies and proofs, it is seen that the world is getting more religious.

Below are a few reasons why Faith continues to grow in popularity

  • By 2015, figures confirmed that the most prominent religion was Christianity, with the most population. They are a part of the five largest religions after Christianity comes Islam, Hindu, Buddhists and Judaism.
  • There is a second category of religiously practicing folk or traditional religions today. Fourteen million of them are people practicing the Jewish religion from this category. Most of these people are in the United States, while others are in Israel.
  • The third category missing from this list who still contribute to the growth of Faith are those people not associated with any religion. Their lack of association does not mean that they are practicing atheism. Most, if not all, actually acknowledge that God exists but do not necessarily associate with religion to prove it. Theirs is a personal belief.
  • All religions in the world have different subdivisions. Christianity, for instance, can be grouped into Catholicism, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and many other subdivisions. All these categories have their own different beliefs. These beliefs are what contribute to how Faith continues to grow today.
  • Geography has also significantly contributed to the popularity of Faith today. Geographic features such as the Asia-Pacific are prevalent, especially worldwide. Most Hindus, Buddhists, and people practicing folk and traditional religions love to call home. The Asia-Pacific holds many people who have identified with a specific religion or call themselves religious. Most of them in this category are Chinese people.
  • You will find that three-quarters of people call themselves religious from the majority group in different countries and locations. The other small percentage are either not religious or voluntarily choose not to identify with any religions. Regardless of these situations, Faith continues to grow. Each religion has its different beliefs. Some people will want to join certain religions because of their level of Faith, belief, or practices that fulfill them.


Regardless of the religion you choose to identify with, it will not stand in the way of Faith growing. Every religion wants to prove that the Faith they choose to follow works for them in various ways. This could be through fulfillment or getting things to happen because of a certain level of belief.

Whatever religion you identify with, let it not be a result of coercion or because many people are in a particular religion. Matters of Faith are personal, so some people have chosen not to identify with any religion.


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