Why are Wars still happening in the 21st Century

Why are Wars still happening in the 21st Century?


As we get into advanced years, you would expect that wars between countries and states would decrease. It is, however, unfortunate that the wars are still happening, and even so, they are on the rise. There has been no conclusion on why the wars continue to increase and never come to an end. However, a few reasons show why the wars are still there. Why are there more wars going on?

Reasons why wars are still happening in the 21st Century

  • After the end of the cold war, there was a drop in the number of wars between states and countries. Even when these wars were on the decline, several unresolved issues kept pinching and needed to be resolved. Declining GDP, abject poverty, poor infrastructure, weak administration of cheap weapons and decline per capita appear to be unresolved until now. In the quest to find a permanent solution, countries engage in war.
  • Wars in earlier years did not have so many people displaced. However, by the time we were getting to 1992, the number of displaced people spiked from 16 million to over 40 million. Displacement is a huge threat to the safety of humanity. While trying to find a solution to end hostility and have people live peacefully in their respective countries, the war continues to erupt.
  • There have been two major changes in the last three decades that have involved international politics. In 1991, there was a rise in insecurity due to these international politics and the results that came about with them. Most countries and states are fighting today, so they get their freedom and liberation. This is an unresolved issue that has existed for years and needs to be resolved. That is why wars, in the name of finding this freedom, have found their way to the 21st Century.
  • Authorities have brought changes in their countries and state that members are adamant about being a part of. Leadership changes and how the states and countries are run continue to run deep into how much peace there can be. These changes have been involved. The involvement is to help find ways to curb the increasing conflicts in the 21st Century.
  • Advanced technology is another reason why wars are not coming to a stop in the 21st Century. If people fought battles that bore no fruit in the past, they find a reason to use technology to use advanced weapons and other equipment. This continues to happen until a solution has been found or the fulfillment of the countries at war is met. It is an ongoing process.


No one loves to get into war. There are underlying factors that keep awakening the desire for war, even long after being put to rest. However, the main reason is that there are so many unresolved issues. So many unanswered questions and until these have been amicably settled between the states at war, there will be wars coming about.



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