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"Only a true peace with neighboring peoples can
render possible a common development of this portion of the earth as a vanguard of the awakening of the Near East."

Martin Buber, speech 1945

Seek peace and pursue it...

'Pursuers of peace' - your voices are needed now, more than ever! Now is the time to attain full and equal rights for the Arab citizens of Israel, to respect the values and sensitivities of all sides, to do everything to prevent violence, to renew direct dialogue at all levels, to bring peace closer for the whole region, first of all between Israel and the Palestinian people.

Just now - when the voices calling for vengeance are louder than the voices calling for reconciliation - we, members and volunteers of Brit Shalom/Tahalof Essalam - the Jewish-Palestinian Peace Alliance: an organisation by Jews and Palestinians, undertake to contribute energy, time and funds towards systematic, informed, serious, persistent and efficient activity for peace.

We invite all who want to make a difference, to tell us about their own assessments and conclusions about the current situation; to teach and to learn in depth, to define goals, coordinate activities - and to act.

2001-2002 Brit Shalom

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